The educational project ‘eyeandthecity’ wants to inspire students at school to study ‘city photography’ from the 19th Century up to today and create city photos themselves. The first school to work with our creative and educational website eyeandthecity was the ‘Kandinsky College’ in Nijmegen. Several classes did the assignments and uploaded their pictures on our website.

To have a look at a part of their work please go to


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Entrance of the Dutch Cultural Center in Shanghai, part of the Dutch contribution to the World Expo.

During the weekend of 9 and 10 July at the World Expo in Shanhai, Joris Ivens will be honored in a true `Joris Ivens weekend`. On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening 13 films by Joris Ivens are screened. The films are grouped around six themes: Introduction / Stories in China / Against Facism / Avant-garde / China / Poetry and Cinema. Mrs Loridan-Ivens and the European Foundation Joris Ivens will be present to introduce the films. The theatre space at the Dutch Culture Centre will also host a small exhibition of photographs of Joris Ivens and Mrs Marceline Loridan-Ivens.

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The European Foundation Joris Ivens will organize in March 2011 it`s first cinepoem competition. Wijtertuin and GoShort join into this new media experience.  Wintertuin is a pioneer in the Netherlands in the field of crossover in literary productions. Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen is already in preparation for its third edition. Now these three organizations are bundled to organize a high quality, innovative and distinctive programs around the European cinepoem. 
During this unique event the Wintertuin-Joris Ivens Award will be awarded to an upcoming European talent.

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The `14th International Hemingway Conference’ started last Friday in Lausanne. It’s a biannual conference with dozens of lectures on various aspects of the life and work of American writer Ernest Hemingway. 
This year, five film scholars from the United States and France provide lectures dealing with the cooperation between Hemingway and Ivens during the Spanish Civil War.

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In the Portuguese city of Serpa the 10th edition of the Documentary Seminar `Doc`s Kingdom` started on Wednesday 16 June. This years theme is focussing on the use of archival footage in documentaries. Filmmakers like Hartmut Bitomsky, Edgardo Cozarinsky and Susana de Sousa Dias will be present to debate about their own films. The Ivens Foundation is partner in this seminar.

Beyond the use of archival images, the notion of archive at the origin of the act of filming. Gathering filmmakers who have intensely worked with previously existent footage, and not forgetting that side of their activity, we propose the analysis of different paths which both enlarge and transform that binomial (image and archive). The idea of gathering, collection, inventory, as a return to an original state and, at the same time, as creative impulse. The archive, i.e., the (re)founding space. 

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Bryan McCormack, When Joris Ivens meets Hraesvelgr`, Parc de Saint-Cloud Paris
Copyright artist. 

On Saturday May 29 in Paris, the Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterrand, in the presence of first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy will reveal a 12 meters high outdoor sculpture on Joris Ivens. 
The statue is the work of Irish artist Bryan McCormack.



The image is in particular a tribute to the film Pour le Mistral (1966) on the wind, a recurring theme in Ivens` work, from his earliest film in 1929 until his last filmUne Histoire de Vent (1988). The title of the artwork "When Joris Ivens meets Hraesvelgr" also refers to the wind giant from Norse mythology. In the top of the image is a classic picture of a naked man seen with a playful globe in his hand and two enormous moving wings on his back. The symbolism of the sculpture also seems to refere to the nickname of Ivens “The Flying Dutchman ", the mythical figure of the rebel ship`s captain who tart the winds and storms of all oceans and is doomed forever to sail. 

This is the third major outdoor sculpture, based on the work of Ivens. In Nijmegen in 1990 at the Joris Ivens square an 8 meter-high sculpture by Bass Maters was placed. In 2007 at the Midi Station in Brussels, a large sculpture of Emilio Menchero-Lopez in the form of a public megaphone appeared. This new sculpture is placed in command of the Centre des monuments nationaux in the Park Saint Cloud, where the famous landscape gardener of Louis XIV, Andre Le Notre in the 17th century created the avenues, lakes and fountains. The artist Bryan Mc Cormack has attached the following text to the artwork: 

"In Nordic mythology, the giant Hraesvelgr, half man, half bird sits at the edge of this world making the wind blow, all the winds are its children sent out across creation by the flapping of its wings. The Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens made over 80 films between 1912 to 1988 and in particular «For The Wind» (1965). This sculpture is the fruit of their symbolic «meeting». It speaks of wind «of air in movement» that is dispersed, that is reunited, that warms and cools, that invites travel. The sculpture, like the giant, is immobile. However, it is the wind that creates the movement in the trees surrounding it. The reunion of movement versus immobility exists, but in a context that is opposite to the legend. The artist Bryan Mc Cormack was born in Ireland in 1972."


Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa that is held from 21 to 29 May is the festival for African cinema, this years focus is on  the 50 years of independence celebrations in Africa. Demain a Nanguila Ivens film from 1960 about Mali `s independence was an important film and led the foundation of the Malian film art. For the occasion of this festival the European Foundation Joris Ivens scanned the film and the festival subtitles the film in Spanish



Nanguila Tomorow is a film about the independence of the Mali federation (Mali and Senegal), founded in april 1960, shown by telling the story of a boy, which returns to the city and to his family after having experienced turmoil and then becomes active in irrigating the fields.

For the complete program of the festival clck here


DOC `S KINGDOM is the international seminar on documentary film from wich will take place in Serpa, Portugal from June 16 to 20. This year`s theme: is: The Archive-Image 


Doc `s Kingdom, the international documentary seminar in Serpa, Portugal is always striving to have all the directors of the films present for public debates and panel discussions. Doc`s Kingdom 2010 will present several examples of footage films. The seminar will maintain distinctive elements, such as the promotion of contact between different generations of documentary filmmakers and documentary styles.
The European Foundation Joris Ivens is a partner of Doc `s Kingdom.
Visit the Doc `s Kingdom website (English) for the full program.


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