Recently the Ivens Foundation received six reels of a working copy of The 17th Parallel (1968). Laurence Lefèvre gave these reels to André Stufkens in her place in Montreuil. She got this working copy from her sister, the late Liliane Korb, who passed away in 2022. At the age of 26 Liliane Korb edited this long documentary about the peoples war and fight for independence of the Vietnamese people against the US occupation. Previously the Ivens Foundation also received an old print of Borinage from the Limburg Museum. 

Liliane Korb

Liliane Korb (1940) made short films herself and edited films of among others Peter Brook, Chris Marker and Joris Ivens. Besides these jobs she was a so-called 'bouquiniste', a book seller at the famous bookstalls near the river Seine. Together with her sister Laurence she wrote under the pseudonym of Claude Izner a successful series of crime stories entitled Les Enquêtes de Victor Legris. The protagonist of these books, Legris, was himself a bookseller / bouquiniste at the end of the 19th century and tried to solve various crimes in Paris. The twelve booktitles reached a sale of 850.000 copies and were translated into English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish. 'Brilliantly evokes 1890's Paris' wrote The Guardian about the series.
The first part, published in 2003 after indepth research, was called La mystère de la rue des Saints Pères, which refers to the street in Paris where Joris Ivens and Marceline Loridan-Ivens were living. For her Ivens was a kind of mystery, she fell in love with him, but a relationship became impossible after Ivens left to China with Marceline Loridan-Ivens to film the Yukong-sereis. Liliane Korb passed away in 2022 at the age of 82. Laurence Lefèvre stated that she is very happy that she could give this film to the Ivens foundation and is in good hands and care now. 
The Ivens foundation is keeping some 270 films of Joris Ivens, mostly nitrate films..

The writer Laurence Lefèvre with the book she wrote together with her sister Liliane Korb, the first part of a series entitled: Mystère rue des Saints-Pères

Photo by Liliane Korb of Joris Ivens in the rue des Saints-Pères, 1980's.        Joris Ivens with Liliane Korb (left) and Maguy Aziari in the editing room of The 17th Parallel.


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