In the Portuguese city of Serpa the 10th edition of the Documentary Seminar `Doc`s Kingdom` started on Wednesday 16 June. This years theme is focussing on the use of archival footage in documentaries. Filmmakers like Hartmut Bitomsky, Edgardo Cozarinsky and Susana de Sousa Dias will be present to debate about their own films. The Ivens Foundation is partner in this seminar.

Beyond the use of archival images, the notion of archive at the origin of the act of filming. Gathering filmmakers who have intensely worked with previously existent footage, and not forgetting that side of their activity, we propose the analysis of different paths which both enlarge and transform that binomial (image and archive). The idea of gathering, collection, inventory, as a return to an original state and, at the same time, as creative impulse. The archive, i.e., the (re)founding space. 


The complete four days programme can be seen at:

In collaboration with Doc`s Kingdom, from 1st to 9th June, there will be six screenings at the Portuguese Cinemathèque on the theme `The archive image`.  

The first issue of documenta (monthly publication by Apordoc) distributed as an insert with La Monde Diplomatique - edicao portuguesa is dedicated to Doc`s Kingdom.


Film theater at Serpa, Doc`s Kingdom 2009


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