The educational project ‘eyeandthecity’ wants to inspire students at school to study ‘city photography’ from the 19th Century up to today and create city photos themselves. The first school to work with our creative and educational website eyeandthecity was the ‘Kandinsky College’ in Nijmegen. Several classes did the assignments and uploaded their pictures on our website.

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Photo: Fern Hubers v Ass. student at Kandinsky College

The project was created by the European Foundation Joris Ivens and it includes an outdoor exhibition on panels showing the photos taken by Wilhelm Ivens and an educational website eyeandthecity that includes an interactive part were students can upload and view each others pictures. The students of Kandinsky first learned more about city photography by going trough our website inside the classroom with their teachers. Following this theoretical part they were send out to make pictures themselves in the city. We were very surprised and pleased with the result they brought back to the website and we hope that after the summer more teachers will pick up this platform to teach photography in a fun and active way.

Title: Exit #5, photo: Gijs Verbeeten stdent at Kandinsky College

This project is supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Actieplan Cultuurbereik and the Prins Berhard Cultuurfonds.



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