The magnificient book of film historian Günter Jordan about Joris Ivens' East-German films, entitled 'Unknown Ivens' ('Unbekannter Ivens') will be presented on 25 November at the legendary UT Connewitz film theater in Leipzig. Next to the lecture by Jordan 'Joris Ivens at DEFA and in the GDR' the films Die Windrose (1958, The Rose Compass) and Rain (1929, Regen) will be shown.

Leipzig played an important role during Ivens' career. In Leipzig he had an internship in the mid-Twenties in factories where he was confronted with class struggle of the workers and in the 1950s he was one of the initiators of the Leipziger Dokumentar und Kurzfilmwoche (nowadays DOKS Leipzig). During this festival in Leipzig he met outstandig documentary filmmakers from the West and East, from Latin-America, Asia and Africa, who all got a platform to present their engaged documentaries. 
Jordan emphasizes in his lecture on a particular film from the series he made at the DEFA filmstudios: Die Windrose (The Rose Compass). This film presents on a world wide scale - it was filmed by five film directors in five countries: Brasil, Russia, China, Italy and France - the emancipation of female workers and their daily struggle, at home, in the factoires and in thier communities. This documentary was commissioned by the World Federation of Women. 

UT Connewitz, 15.00 hours Sunday 25 November 2018. 

The poster of the event in Leipzig (Design UT Connewitz)                               The cover of Jordan's book, first presented in April 2018 in Potsdam-Berlin.

UT Connewitz is the oldest 'Lichtspiel Theater' in Germany.


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