On Friday 23 October a film crew of Chinese broadcasting (CCTV-9) shoot some footage in Nijmegen for a four-part series on Joris Ivens and China. Prof. Zhang Tong Dao from Beijing University Beida, teacher as well as filmmaker, is the director. Each episode will focus on one of the Chinese films Ivens made between 1938-1988. Dutch filmmaker René Seegers, who made Joris Ivens Old Friend of the Chinese People in 2008, assisted this film crew during the shooting.  

Documents and photos from the collection of the Joris Ivens Archives in Nijmegen were filmed, as well as locations related to Joris Ivens, like the eight meter high sculpture at the Joris Ivensplace. By coincidence they got acces to the back garden in his parental house where young Joris Ivens once started to use the film camera. Also various specialists in The Netherlands and old collaborators who collaborated with Ivens were interviewed. The series must be broadcasted on television next year.


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