Recently two new books were published in Vietnam about Joris Ivens. The first one describes the life and career of Joris Ivens as a filmmaker with a special focus on Vietnam, the second book is the result of the International Joris Ivens Symposium, held in Hanoi in November 2018. All lectures of Vietnamese filmmakers and friends/assistents of Ivens as well as international film scholars are included. 

Joris Ivens and the Peoples War in Vietnam is a Vietnamese book (176 pages) with a general introduction of Ivens' life and film career. Special chapters are dedicated to Vietnam between 1965 and 1967 and his support of the liberation and re-unification movement. Meerdere auteurs werkten aan dit boek mee, dat werd geproduceerd en samengesteld door Ngo Thi Hong Tu, Bui Thi Nanh Loc en Hoang Thi Mai.
The bi-langual book Joris Ivens voi Viet Nam / Joris Ivens and Vietnam (290 pages) covers all lectures of the filmscholars who attented and contributed to the International Joris Ivens Symposium, held on 21-23 November 2018 in Hanoi. The table of content:
1- Introduction, by Ms. Hoang Mai
2- Joris Ivens and his four films about Vietnam - A Lasting Value, by Mr. Vu Nguyen Hung
3- Stories of a filmmaking Journey in Vinh Linh, by Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Phuong
4- Memories of the making of The 17th Parallel, the People's War' with Joris Ivens, by Mr. Bui Dinh Hac
5- That was Vinh Linh 1967, by Mr. To Hoang
6- Meeting with Joris Ivens was a lucky opportunity for us as a filmmaker, by Mr. Pham Viet Tung
7- Poetry, iron and direct Cinema in Joris Ivens' Films, by To Hoang Anh
8- Contrasting scenes and reality observation style in Joris Ivens'films about Vietnam, by Nguyen Minh Phuong
9- History of Vietnamese Documentary from 1954 to present, its Characteristics and Future Perspectives, by Mr. Pham Hong Thang
10- Joris Ivens, Politics & Art (especially in the Light of Dutch Art), by Mr. André Stufkens
11- Genre, Gender and Technology: the Indonchina chapter (1965-1970) in the context of Ivens'Oeuvre, by Mr. Thomas Waugh
12- Joris Ivens in Australia, Indonesia Callingand the Voice of Independence, by Mr. John Hughes
13- Joris Ivens and the International Film and Photo Leagues, by Ms. Jane Gaines
13- Solidarity Films of Joris Ivens and the Anti-War Movement in Vietnam in 1960s and 1970s; From Solidarity to Economic Ties, by Mr. Adrian Spijkers
14- Indonesia Calling and the Unfinished Decolonisation, by Mr. Ariel Heryanto
15- The Legacies of Joris Ivens and the Interwar International Avant-garde, by Ms. Liang Luo



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