Prof. Ariel Heryanto from Monash University in Melbourne lectured about Joris Ivens and Indonesia Calling in Djakarta. In his vivid presentation in Bahasa Indonesia (also a version with English subtitles is available) he discussed the tensed relationships between Indonesia, Australia and The Netherlands both back then and now. The opening sequence of Ivens' film showing an Australian society with diversity could be a model for their relationships. Since 22 October, when this film made by Jakarticus, was put on-line then thousands watched the film.

With English subtitles:

The talk of prof. Ariel Heryanto at The University of Indonesia on "The Role of the Global Left Movement in the Fight for Indonesia's Independence", with substantial reference to the making of the documentary Indonesia Calling (1946); the extraordinary relations of The Netherlands-Australia-Indonesia in the 1940s; and the relevance of all of those events to Indonesia in the present and near future. 
Remarkable is the warm response the video has received. It became viral within days. The number of viewers has now (21 November) reached nearly 52,000 people (click here), and is still counting. Lecturers at various universities in Indonesia played the video in their classes during teaching hours (click here). 


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