Pablo Neruda en Joris Ivens
During the last year in Chile much attention was given to Ivens. At the origin of the interest was the reopening of the filmschool in Santiago where Ivens in 1962 was invitedto teach. ... a Valparaiso was the result of the film classes he gave there. A book was published  `Joris Ivens and Chile ...a Valparaiso, a film between poetry and criticism"with stories and notes from the time. At this moment there is a Ivens retrospective in the Chilean portcity Valparaiso

Tiziana Montanari Panizza and Judith Silva Cruzatt are the authors of the book.Theyfound many notes and a screenplay by Ivens in the archives of the film school in Chile .They talked to the students an colaboraters from the time Ivens taught and filmed in Chile. Tiziana and Judith were also a guest at our foundation in Nijmegen. Theyconsulted the archives of the European Foundation Joris Ivens.

“We gave a presentation about Joris Ivens in the university’s Hall of Honour, then we saw The Seine Meets Paris. Ivens gave a small talk at the end which Neruda translated. The poet was there because that same day he had received an honorary degree from the university and …. he stayed to wait for Joris Ivens. Neruda had fetched him from the airport”. This retrospective was Iven’s first with a large audience made up of cinema enthusiasts and those interested in the themes of his films. But also, he met again with young filmmakers and shared his experience. On this second visit, the filmmaker shared his vision and analysis of the editing of a number of his films. He spoke about how to make a film; Raúl Ruiz reflects: “I think he must have been the first known filmmaker, of significance, who agreed to analyse his [own] work in detail. On an editing table, he went over each of his films and explained them almost shot by shot. It must be said that nobody followed it. It began with around sixty people and finished with four or five, and I wasn’t one of them. I only went a couple of times because I was filming, I have to say, thanks to Ivens” .


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