Poster Ivens retrospective 1983, Lisbon

Since April 1983, it is the first time that Portugal shows again a large Ivens retrospective of about 40 films. The 8th DOCLISBOA International Documentary Filmfestival is screening from 14 - 24 October every day in a chronological order a kind of time travel along the 20th century with Ivens` film oeuvre.

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Man Ray, L’Étoile de mer, based on a poem by Robert Desnos

Cinepoem is a new trend in filmmaking but the history of the cinepoem goes back to the early days of cinema. The film avant-garde in the 20’s with artists like Man Ray, Paul Strand, Fernand Léger and Joris Ivens created cinepoems in an attempt to elevate film to an art form.

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Music Huub de Vriend for the movie `Rain` by Ivens

In the music theater at the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam, the crème de la crème of the international history scientists were treated to an ensemble dressed in yellow boots and typical Dutch rain head. During the 21th edition of the International Congress of Historical Sciences they played music composed by Huub de Vriend for the movie `Rain` by Joris Ivens (1929), which was shown simultaneously on a large screen.

To watch a registration on youtube: click here

The educational project ‘eyeandthecity’ wants to inspire students at school to study ‘city photography’ from the 19th Century up to today and create city photos themselves. The first school to work with our creative and educational website eyeandthecity was the ‘Kandinsky College’ in Nijmegen. Several classes did the assignments and uploaded their pictures on our website.

To have a look at a part of their work please go to


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Entrance of the Dutch Cultural Center in Shanghai, part of the Dutch contribution to the World Expo.

During the weekend of 9 and 10 July at the World Expo in Shanhai, Joris Ivens will be honored in a true `Joris Ivens weekend`. On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and evening 13 films by Joris Ivens are screened. The films are grouped around six themes: Introduction / Stories in China / Against Facism / Avant-garde / China / Poetry and Cinema. Mrs Loridan-Ivens and the European Foundation Joris Ivens will be present to introduce the films. The theatre space at the Dutch Culture Centre will also host a small exhibition of photographs of Joris Ivens and Mrs Marceline Loridan-Ivens.

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The European Foundation Joris Ivens will organize in March 2011 it`s first cinepoem competition. Wijtertuin and GoShort join into this new media experience.  Wintertuin is a pioneer in the Netherlands in the field of crossover in literary productions. Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen is already in preparation for its third edition. Now these three organizations are bundled to organize a high quality, innovative and distinctive programs around the European cinepoem. 
During this unique event the Wintertuin-Joris Ivens Award will be awarded to an upcoming European talent.

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The `14th International Hemingway Conference’ started last Friday in Lausanne. It’s a biannual conference with dozens of lectures on various aspects of the life and work of American writer Ernest Hemingway. 
This year, five film scholars from the United States and France provide lectures dealing with the cooperation between Hemingway and Ivens during the Spanish Civil War.

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In the Portuguese city of Serpa the 10th edition of the Documentary Seminar `Doc`s Kingdom` started on Wednesday 16 June. This years theme is focussing on the use of archival footage in documentaries. Filmmakers like Hartmut Bitomsky, Edgardo Cozarinsky and Susana de Sousa Dias will be present to debate about their own films. The Ivens Foundation is partner in this seminar.

Beyond the use of archival images, the notion of archive at the origin of the act of filming. Gathering filmmakers who have intensely worked with previously existent footage, and not forgetting that side of their activity, we propose the analysis of different paths which both enlarge and transform that binomial (image and archive). The idea of gathering, collection, inventory, as a return to an original state and, at the same time, as creative impulse. The archive, i.e., the (re)founding space. 

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