Zuiderzee (1929)TSysiphus, by Tiziano (1549)he "art of lifting heavy stones" is not only empiral knowledge, but it's mostly related to the way we perceive others.
This has certainly nothing to do with tolerance, since the idea of tolerance itself is being in a position of power against someone else who is vulnerable.

It´s true that we have the experience of the world not only to aknowledge it, but essentialy to change it.
Thats why the "art of lifting heavy stones" is simultaneously a process of humbleness and fairness. Although, this process also requires some sort of effort and commitment (as always)... Sometimes carrying "heavy stones" might put us in a similar situation to the one of Sisyphus, but, on the other hand, it might also be the beginning of something else - a new world, perhaps? Either way, in this case both the means and the end itself seem to be equally important.

By Pedro Tavares 




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